Deckman for Windows is one of the best, if not the best, tactical routing software programs on the market. Its a standalone 32 bit Windows program that runs on all current versions, including XP. Deckman is also capable of running on multiple CPU's on a network (with only one connected to the instruments), and application of weather images to optimum routes, a first in the industry.

Deckman has proven its performance capabilities in the following racing classes:

Americas Cup
Around Alone
Volvo Cup
Grand Prix
Farr 40's

...and many more!

Deckman Support

All support is now direct from the Sailmath web site:

Deckman for Windows Animation

(click here to view a full motion animation of Deckmans optiumum sailing course from Newport to Bermuda with animated wind speed and vectors - 1.6mb)

Mark Rudiger
Co Skipper / Navigator Assa Abloy

"After Ocean racing for 15 years at the highest level, I have found after using all the other racing software packages, that Deckman for Windows is the most solid and most accurate for routing.

They are constantly meeting the latest requirements for the racer and cruiser. Coupled with the WTP instrument processor, we have the most competitive package available."

Deckman for Windows Screenshots

(this image shows predicted wind speed with course and true wind speed from instruments)

(this image shows the predicted optimum course with tactical waypoints displayed)

(this screen shot shows predicted course and wind data on the plotted screen, true wind speed on the right, streaming instrument data on the far right and polar speadsheet on the bottom)


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