False colored NOAA IR image of Gulf Stream

Did your FAX chart ever look like this?
You are alone sailing on the Southem oceans with 60 foot howling seas and icebergs as your closest companions. You wouldn't be doing this if you weren't serious about it. Nearly everybody who knows or loves you is a 12,000 mile sail away. There are no local utility station broadcasts, and when you do get them, they may be 'analysis' of where things were, not where they are. Still, you need every edge you can get, so you do what top BOC racers have done for years - you include WeatherTrac in your arsenal of competitive tools.

Major currents, wind patterns, highs, lows. If you can see them, you can do more than react; you can plan. WeatherTrac can be one of the tools you need to help you see over the horizon and plan ahead.

With a small omnidirectional VHF antenna, some coaxial cable, and the WeatherTrac computer based software and hardware, you can have direct access to weather satellite imagery like that shown above anywhere in the world, Earth located, with overlays, meridians, and pixel query capability to give you great circle bearing and distance to any point. You can mount this equipment in a rack, or interface to a small laptop computer running Windows 95/98/NT via the parallel port.

Oh yes. You can also connect your SSB audio output, because WeatherTrac does FAX and RTTY, too.

"The WeatherTrac system is outstanding - enabling me to see exactly where I am in the weather systems in real time. Particularly as I have been learning more than on the meteo front, I can say that WeatherTrac has been the most valuable tool onboard 'Kingfisher'"

Kingfisher captain Ellen MacArthur

But you're not sailing around the world...

How about 1998 Newport to Bermuda?
S/Y ALEXIA, 90hrs-56min-16s
actual/90hrs-47min-24s adjusted. First overall, first in class (MAXIS).

S/Y SNOW LEOPARD, 114hrs-20min-28s actual/95hrs-41min-28s adjusted. First in class (IMS RA 9).

S/Y TEMPTRESS, 114hrs-5min-49s actuaV86hrs-54min-Bs adiusted. First in class (IMS C/R 5).

...all with WeatherTrac onboard.

Are you aiming for first in class? Then, join WeatherTrac - proud sponsor of S/Y Young America and supplier of weather imaging systems for the U.S.A. America's Cup syndicate.

S/Y Gartmore (Josh Hall)

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